Leveling Guide Review: Dugi vs. Zygor’s in-game leveling guide

My Pick?  Zygor Elite!

I am going to get straight to the point because if you are anything like me, I know that you would rather be playing than reading this!  Zygor Elite is my choice.  Maybe you have heard of Zygor but what the heck is the Elite part?  Well, they actually just introduced it and this is what it is all about:

  • Includes the leveling guide, gold guide, dailies guide, and everything else Zygor has!  EVERYTHING!
  • Free expansion upgrades!
  • Access to any new product that Zygor puts out in the future at no charge!
  • Instead of paying $40 or more for just one guide, you get access to the all for $7.99 per month!

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Still Need More Info And A Comparison?

Here it is guys. A quick comparison of Dugi and Zygor’s updated in-game 90-100 leveling guide for the latest Warlords of Draenor expansion for WoW. I had two characters I wanted to level from 90 – 100 so I thought it’d be a great opportunity to trial both guides and see which gets me there faster.

Dugi In-Game Leveling Guide (updated Nov 17)

I was a little disappointed with Dugi’s in-game leveling guide. Dugi makes great guides, no doubt about it, but I wasn’t able to level as quickly for a number of reasons which included lag. The accuracy of the way points is off half the time, not very consistent. When I go into a new zone I would also sometimes get a red “?” question mark box which would be in place of where the waypoint is supposed to be.  At times the way point switches to  crazy ranges like 9000y which makes things confusing, other times it doesn’t load a destination at all (but this can usually be fixed with /reload)

There were times when the guide didn’t show up in my addons at all, in general it was just a bit too buggy for my liking. Definitely needs a build update or somethin’. I had to keep referring to Dugi’s support forum because I had no idea how to fix some of these errors that kept popping up.

Zygor In-Game Leveling Guide:

Zygor’s bonus Garrison guide really helped me cut down the time it took me to reach level 100. I also didn’t experience any issues with lag, seemed to be a very efficient in-game guide, overall smooth experience with no noticeable bugs. Some interesting new features I noticed were the quick finder, the new notifications system, and the quest clean up feature where you can conveniently turn in quests before loading the next guide section.  I was able to reach 100 in under 2 days with Zygor’s guide. I will continue to use both guides and install build updates when they’re available. If anything new pops up I’ll update this post for you guys.

Dugi Leveling Guide Bundle:

    • Guides for both Alliance & Horde
    • Leveling 1-100 (includes Talent Guide)
    • Loremaster & Dungeon (includes Macros)
    • Achievement & Profession (includes Pet & Mount, Reputations & Titles)
    • Dailies & Events

Zygor Leveling Guide Bundle:

  • Guides for both Alliance & Horde
  • Leveling 1-100 & Loremaster (includes Talent Guide)
  • Pet & Mount
  • Profession & Achievement
  • Dailies & Events
  • Titles Reputations & Macros
  • Garrison

Download links:

** CLICK HERE – Dugi’s leveling guide
** CLICK HERE – Zygor’s leveling guide


If you guys have any questions, feel free to hit me up:


– Lawrence